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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 6, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] ♪[tum] [phone ring,] car brakes hard [phone ring] [car crash] glass shatters [sirens] this video was submitted by a student through the safety scholars program. for more information on teen safety visit
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the officials are still telling people in the area to stay away. >> reporter: these danger signs are scattered all along the creek here warning people to stay after the war this was after a raw sewage spill. a pipe broke at the pump station in green beret causing a spill of 1,000 gal. of raw sewage. a spokesperson says that they were able to recover 800 gal., but 200 of the untreated sewage flowed from a man hole near the pump station into a storm drain that leads to the creek. crews shut down the company
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--the pomp and repaired it. they were directed to begin taking samples. they wanted to check for bacteria levels. >> garbage rates are going up. all customers will pay about $1 more per can. the changes begin this past sunday july 1st. they want to encourage more residents to move to smaller pants. coming up on the kron4 morning news we will have an update on a three year old boy that was shot while riding in a car in sacramento. here is a live cow side, here is the bay bridge approach that is still very light at this
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hour the metering lights are not on we should not have any problems at this time from oakland to san francisco.
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>> atoll was shot while riding in a car with his father. sheriff's officials say some one and seven of the car opened fire a round of 11:00 p.m. wednesday night he and the three-year 01 multiple times there is no word on the motive and the gunman remains on the run. >> a bill has been passed that authorizes the first leg of this line. more than a 100 mouse stretch from bardera to bakersfield. governor jerry brown supports the measure. two and half billion dollars will be used in existing voter bonds. he says if lawmakers to act fast, the state to qualify for more than $3 billion in federal funding. even to leave the
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bullet train will connect san francisco to l.a. at about 220 mph. it is still not clear how the rest of the construction will be paid for. >> and neighborhood evacuated san detail after a gas line ruptured pg&e says clouds of natural gas escaped into the neighborhood after an at&t crew drilling into a gas line yesterday. they worked throughout the day to dig holes on either side of the at&t drill remained embedded in the line. several homes had to be evacuated police say it occurred on a busy avenue. >> they say it's a small break, the danger to the community is very minimal. some traffic will be impacted, some areas have been blocked off. >> the crews were able to get the gas cut off by 1:00 p.m. and then started to
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repair the line and restore service. now let us head over to erica to talk about the warming trend and erica, would be hot? all would be comfortable? along the coastline in the bay, will, it will be comfortable. if he think 80's is too high you probably want to stay out of the inland valleys. right now it is a beautiful shot to the morning. we have some low clouds to deal with along the coastline of relatively clear conditions throughout the bay area. in terms of this temperatures we are sitting in the '50s and warming up nicely to the '70s and '80s by the afternoon and later this evening it looks like the fog will stay out of our hair. in fact it looks like it will be to our south and we will see mainly clear and mild conditions all around the area. he is the breakdown of the numbers leaving your house. the skies are pretty clear in santa rosa, so it is a little bit cooler this
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morning with upper 50s for antioch, 55 comment for vallejo. as we take the numbers into the afternoon by lunchtime our future forecast shows a lot of green on the screen that shows 60 for the east bayshores, the peninsula and coastal communities, '70s by lunchtime and everywhere else. as we push the clock and advanced to 3:00 p.m. for your afternoon high temperatures some of that green starts to build back and we see more yellow on the screen and then we introduced the orange indicating where we can see some 80's. expect a couple of days here and there. los gatos is 85 degrees, 82 for sunnyvale, about one degree more for campbell. we have 83 over in evergreen and we could squeeze out some mid to upper 80s for antioch, fairfield, the same goes for pittsburg this afternoon. we have low 80s on tap for
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concord, and it looks like we have 71 to be the common number for oakland and berkeley. >> erica: at downtown san francisco we have very similar today--conditions from what we enjoyed yesterday. your kron4 seven day around the bay extended forecast shows that we will be dealing with some coastal fog but a gradual warming trend as we head into tomorrow. high pressure is back into play. the patchy fog will make a comeback as the head into sunday morning. it looks like we will into a string of sunshine starting the next work week with some locations that could make it into the mid-90s. >> erica: we have a nice and
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easy ride, no backups or delays, the meeting-- metering lights are off. now over at the cemetery ridge things are doing pretty well. at the taken outside to the golden gate bridge, we do have in a little bit of fog but overall reconditions and icing accidents report. now we have a problem north bound 101 but that is the off ramp. the shore freeway is moving well we have a lot of green on the roadway sensors. there are no incidents to report for the nimitz freeway. it is a pretty smooth and easy ride for those coming off of the altamont pass. in terms of public transit it looks like you're a good to go with no major delays to speak of.
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>> here is a picture of america's most infamous of neighborhood watch men george zimmerman in court. if he wants to come out of jail he will have to come up with a lot more money he has been charged in the shooting death of trade on martin. a judge in florida says that he can be released again but only if he comes up with a bigger bail. >> reporter: the judge said that he could be released from jail again but only if he comes up with a $1 million bond. this is george zimmerman added earlier court appearance he made the judge angry because he was raising money on a defense web site. the court said that george zimmerman and his wife misled the judge about their finances. they talk in code about money and recorded jail house conversations. george zimmerman is accused of shooting and killing martin
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last february. he says that he fired that night only after martin went for his gun. the first time that zimmerman was released from jail his bond with $150,000. the judge not only raise that to $1 million but he put more restrictions on george zimmerman. if he does get out of jail he will now be prohibited from leaving the county. >> coming up will have an update on the colorado wildfires and give you the percentage of containment. here is a live look outside, look at this it will be again for that. the sun is getting ready to come up around 5:30 a.m., will be right back.
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>> the most destructive fire in colorado's history is now 90 percent contained. >> reporter: at the
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intersection of animal avenue and barked at some residence just hang out and wait. >> we knew right away that evacuees with dark coming to us. >> reporter: this is the president feel of the humane society in colorado springs. >> in total we care for 439 animals. >> reporter: most of the pets have gone back to their families with the evacuation orders lifted the some still remain. dogs like this one, nine year old hunter and seven your feeding. and there is a two month old name maryland given that name despite that she's really a key--he. >> reporter: there is also
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an unnamed and very large rabbit. last but not least, we have bingo the goat most of these animals are not abandon our loft dangers remain until the homeless can get back to the home, or their new homes. >> reporter: they realize that if the fires flare up again, these pages could be full again. they say the animals are going through stress like their owners. >> all this is new to the animals they are in an extremely stressful situation like their owners. >> reporter: now these pets are not happy to our cameras but they're happy to have their reunion. cindy had to evacuate her blanche when the fire came but now she's going back and going back
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with her chickens. >> they got a lot of good living. >> i am sure they did. >> reporter: today there were a lot of smiles for people that did not have a lot to smile about. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news we will talk about tragic news coming out of the alameda county fair as far as the jockeys concern and will also talk about scott peterson. before we get to that, let us take a live look right now. we have a two alarm fire that has been going on for about an hour now. we will have a live report from the scene in just a few minutes.
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[music] >> good morning everyone
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the top stories we're following for you on this friday july 6th. a tragic accident after a jockey dies during the last race of the day. details of the accident are coming up. it has been a years since the death sentence for scott peterson says the murder of his wife lacey and their unborn son this morning he is back in court asking to be released. and california's plan high- speed rail is in the hand of the state senate after getting a green light. now first let us head to erica to talk of this morning's weather. >> erica: good morning will and happy friday we take a live look outside, we have clear conditions for the most part of a little bit of cloud coverage situated along the coastline this is sure to burn off as we headed to the afternoon because temperatures could get into the '70s and '80s. i will break down those numbers for you and show the warming trend on your seven day around the bay coming up in just expect--a bit.
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>> george: welcome to the kron4 morning news. we have a pretty easy commute. starting at the bay bridge toll plaza is pretty like and easy. your commute to the north bay, south bay and east bay is problem free. >> we start off with developing news out of san mateo county there are fire crews on the scene of a two alarm fire out in millbrae at this home. to give you more news faster of us go to the team also reporters. now looks like the fire is out at this time i still see some hot spots. >> reporter: you are correct, but there are going through the house to make sure there are not in the hot spots. originally when the call came in this morning there was a two alarm fire that they thought would be even worse. they thought the fire had spread to next door and then it just so happened when the
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firefighters will on this fire and on related fire happened next door and that was just a little tiny stuffed contain fire. that house is basically ok. with the big damages on this house right here. you know, it looks like the fire originated in the garage but of course, they're waiting for fire investigators to come on the scene. they think will be awhile because there's so much material in the crotch. it is pretty packed in their because this is so much debris it will take awhile before they can figure out what exactly started the fire. it did this place a family of four, but luckily they have a brother that lived there so they will be able to stay with them. i just finished talking with the owner of the house and he told me
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that really was the smoke detectors in the home that save his family. >> thank you so much, that is yolie and she will be on scene giving us live reports. now horse racers hit the track today with heavy hearts. a jockey was killed yesterday after being thrown from his horse at the alameda county fairgrounds. here is a picture of that jockey who is originally from mexico. he was racing yesterday about 5:00 p.m. when he fell from the thoroughbred. and another horse seems to have fallen on his head causing severe trauma. he was taken to a medical center where he later died. this is the the statement that fellow jockeys release. now on to
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gilroy the police are investigating the shooting death of a three year-old son of a san jose police officer it happened yesterday at the family's home. police say it looks like the child was shot with a handgun the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding how the boy was shot but it may have been accidental. scott peterson has filed an appeal to overturn his 2004 death sentence for the murder of his wife lacey and their unborn son. extend until country found guilty of suffocating his wife and then dumping her body in the san francisco bay back in 2002. his lawyer claims that the overwhelming media coverage and incorrect evidence ruling and other mistakes deprived his client of a fair trial. the appeal is expected to take months if not years to be resolved. >> the state senate is expected to vote on the high speed rail plan. it authorizes the first leg of the line, one--more than a 100 mi. stretch from bakersfield governor brown supports this measure will
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use about two and a half billion dollars in existing voter bonds. they say if lawmakers at fast the state to qualify for more than $3 billion in federal funding. eventually the bullet train will connect san francisco to l.a. at 220 mph. and stock futures are mixed right now as investors await the government's june jobs report after two lackluster months. economists have been brighter outlook this week as the government prepares to release the employment figures from last month. the jobs report is expected about 30 minutes from now. a deep he predicted that businesses added more than one of the 75 jobs last month if that is the case, will be enough to lower the unemployment rate. economists typically said tex 125,000 new jobs each month to of door population growth. in national news, the story nationwide is still the record-setting heat. after gripping the
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midwest is slowly moving keys were in when the hot weather joins a damaging storms. st. louis, milwaukee, minneapolis, and chicago have all seen record high temperatures. st. louis reported three heat related deaths in recent days chicago is reporting to deaths. >> more homes across mission are without power in the upper thunderstorms have pummeled the state. the energy company says that crew sent down to ohio are back to give customers helps but we do not know exactly when that will happen. coming up on the kron4 morning news we have much more weather, traffic in a news, erica is covering the weather and george will tell us how the will--will tell us how the roads are doing this morning it should be a comfortable day for all of us will be right back. ♪
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>> will come back authorities say while fire raging near redding has forced hundreds to evacuate. the california department of forestry and fire help to control the fire overnight. they said this is affecting some neighborhoods in south west redding. the fire was first spotted around 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. police in san jose have arrested a suspect in the city's 20 homicide of the year. here is his picture, davis is accused of killing a 41 year old harry clark. he was found stabbed to death on which mr. boulevard around 11:30 p.m. last friday night. david was arrested on sunday and police have not determined a motive but they cannot believe that the killing was gang-related. police in oakland are looking for a
5:11 am
hit-and-run driver that a bicyclist on wednesday night. it happened in the 8100 block of international boulevard. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver unfortunately fled and so far still has not been found. a fight outside a bar may have blinded a man. lee said the 66 year-old victim was talking to a another man out of city's bar. a fight broke out with two of them and ending with one of the men talking the other to the ground. doctors say the man not to the ground may not regain sight in his right eye. and coming up on the kron4 morning news we have much more weather and traffic and we will tell you what is going on with the national news as far as the elections and what is going on with the investigation that cost thousands of people to be back up on the bay bridge yesterday. let us head out fighting give you a live look at the traffic conditions here is the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see it is still light at this hour. maybe people took
5:12 am
the fourth of july off and then the next couple of days because so far has been very light, not just your that the other bridges around the bay area. of course george has more on that situation. and at this we are about 20 to 25 minutes away from the official sunrise. de
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>> this town's garbage rates are going up all customers will pay about $1 more. the changes are retroactively. beginning july 1st town officials have discussed changing the rates in future to encourage more lessons to move to smaller pants. and the suspect responsible for causing this mess on the bay bridge yesterday morning is in custody facing felony the weapons charges. there is his picture right there.
5:16 am
this 29 year-old oakland resident was on parole for false imprisonment related to human trafficking. he was heading east down on the bridge when he sped past the chp but by the time the officers caught up with him he crashed a car on the s curve that shut down the bridge for more than eight hours. the chp says it was the officer that opened fire. >> the officer attempted to approach the vehicle and render aid, at that point the vehicle took off and then a chase incurred. the reason we had this roped off because we wanted to investigate the shooting. >> robinson was not injured. in the bay, a woman in the suspect's car was also detained for questioning. now let us have to erica with an update on now with a condition for this week. >> erica: we are taking a
5:17 am
live look from our roof camera to downtown san francisco we have some coverage to observe. this is not necessarily the case throughout the rest of the bay area for the most part we see clear conditions with a little bit of fog holding on to the coastline. in terms of your to pictures, there are no shocks or surprises. we have low 50s for downtown san francisco upper 50s for san jose overall aim now start to your morning. now, everyone has been waking up with half to fog for the past couple of days but now as we head towards tinian 10:00 a.m.,
5:18 am
we will see the fog cleared away. here are your afternoon high temperatures. >> erica: here is sure kron4 seven day--here is your kron4 seven day about that. --around the bay. >>anchor: good morning erica, so far we're not doing too badly. we do have
5:19 am
an accident reported initially on the north outside 101280 but it turns out the actual location is coming up before to 800. that is right behind 101. here's a quick bridge check as mature ride to the bay bridge your commute his problem free we have no the lead of the macarthur made or the shore freeway. % until bridge ride on highway 92 looks good. the right side of your screen is the commute direction and the golden gate bridge ride 101 south bound is the they free coming through marin county 101 this problem free and across the span we have no delays. >> california lawmakers passed a bill that could allow this man, the convicted killer was the sherman tyne--this killer was lee--wesley shermantine
5:20 am
was convicted of killing several people. he drew a map to help investigators for more victims remains he has maintained all along that there are more bodies to be found. if the new measure is fine investigators will have until this year to get his health. some of the victims' families believe that he is responsible for more murders than he has been convicted for. and of details about the san francisco all-star third baseman that is accused of sexually assaulting a 21 year-old santa cruz woman. today they announced the test are back from the lab they added that they're working to get complete results and will not have any new information on the case until next week. the accuser claims that she
5:21 am
met sandoval and she and he went to a location where the alleged attack happened the police said the center of all said it was consentual. >> police arrested a man that they say he assaulted his own teenage daughter. on monday some called the authorities say that a juvenile was being sexually assaulted investigator said the girl's father this man francisco dominguez had been molesting his daughter for years. he was arrested the next day. now here is a live look outside at we--as we come back we will talk about the rumors of a smaller ipod and also about the beloved
5:22 am
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>> leaks are suggesting that a smaller less- expensive ipad is on the way. this comes on the hill of googlee announcing its plans for the nexus 7 which has been one of the few ipad rivals to gain any real attraction. >> the death certificate for andy griffith says that his death was called by a heart attack. it says if ps of for four years from other illnesses including coronary artery disease and hypertension. he was best known for playing share andy
5:26 am
taylor andy in the griffith show that air from 1960--in 1960. coming up we will have weather and traffic conditions that a show you the traffic conditions on the james lick. still very light at this hour not a problem here or just about any other place. i can tell a potential hot spots and al mead involving a car crash and will try to give you in a live update in just a minute.
5:27 am
5:28 am
>> we are falling developing news out of alameda a major road is closed after a car carrying six teenagers crashed into a tree. it happened at 2:00 a.m. on highland drive. the road is that expected to reopen until about 10:00 a.m.. all six teenagers in
5:29 am
the crash were taken to the hospital it is unclear the extent of their injuries. fire crews had to use the jaws of life to remove the six people inside. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring more detailed as input--as they develop. now we will hear with erica to see what we expect of the weather will it be warm or downright hot? >> erica: it could be hot. we're talking upper 80s. along the coastal said the temperature to be a little more mouth as of right now we do have some cloud cover over downtown san francisco and portions of the coastline. however the temperatures and not too bad as you step outside your door. the cloud coverage will burn off into the afternoon prevailing plenty of sunshine and temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. into tomorrow is to see the hot weather.
5:30 am
they're talking 90s in the upper '70's for your bay locations. i'll break down all the details in your extended forecast and your seven day around the the coming up shortly. >> george: we are updating an accident had depended-- had the potential to the hot spot. the good news is they have candling to and the sensors are not indicating any backup or delay. >> we start off this morning with her of their king--we start out this morning with heart breaking news at the alameda county fair. a jockey was killed yesterday after being thrown from his horse at the alameda county fairgrounds. to give you more news faster the school to our team of solo reporter started off with jackie cecil. is there anyone out there to talk with us this morning? >> reporter: it is pretty quiet out there. we are
5:31 am
expecting officials to, and give us some further comment on a book like he said a lot of shock have here on the track the first time in 37 years that a jockey has died at the pleasanton fair grounds. here's a picture of the jockey that died yesterday. 33 year-old jorge herrera his horse took off about 30 seconds into the race he was thrown from the horse and according to the officials they believe his horse or a another horse stepped on him. that was an ambulance that falls behind the race. medical attention was given immediately to the jockey. he was taken to the medical center he was pronounced dead a short time later and obviously as you said earlier a lot of heavy hearts out here. we talked with some fear officials who talked about the jockey.
5:32 am
>> he seems to be a fairly recent jockey. he has ran a couple of races and i'm sure he is in it for a couple the is finally he is from mexico. >> reporter: they will have the morning exercise routine i'm not sure if they will cancel that i'm not sure what happened this morning. we are out here. as soon as we get the information we will pass along. >> jurors acquitted% three women and nine male jurors found a 44 year old not guilty of felony child dispute--felony charges of assault but was hung on the
5:33 am
lesser charge of simple assault. family members and supporters clapped and cheered as william lynch made his way out of the courthouse yesterday afternoon with his attorneys. >> i am just very happy for my family, for my brother i feel like yes suffered enough. i am very proud of him today. >> i am overwhelmed, just so happy, justice was done and will and his attorneys handled it beautifully. we are very happy. >> we are very happy and i will sleep well tonight. >> he kept trying, he got married, he got a master's degree and he really try to live a good life equitable life and i think when he saw jerry and jerry looked at him only with a jury could do, you know what he is a hero. if it were not for him
5:34 am
this might not have gone out and he said someone had to stand up. >> this came 15 years after lynch and his brother reached a settlement in a lawsuit against the catholic church in connection with the same abuse. in petaluma and 90 euro have to be hospitalized after falling 20 ft. off the roof of an elementary school. he was on the rooftop with friends to watch fireworks when he fell. police say he was unconscious, bleeding from the nose and appear to be intoxicated when the officers arrived. he was taken to petaluma valley hospital and enter to send rosa memorial hospital. the wife of the suspended share for ross mirkarimi is trying to make arrangements to fly back from venezuela. she says that she would like to testify on her husband's behalf at his ethics commission hearing. she recently said she cannot afford the $1,500 ticket home back from venezuela to
5:35 am
san francisco to be in court. he is facing and official misconduct charge that could permanently remove her from the office at san francisco. >> also in san francisco, a man was shot in the back it happened before 1:00 a.m. yesterday the man was driven to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. coming up on the kron4 morning news we are following a developing situation of alameda. six teenagers crashed into a tree and had to be taken out of the car with the jaws of life. we will tell you how they're doing and how the traffic condition is in that area. let us have side, we are just a few minutes away from the official sunrise it will be a beautiful day and beautiful weekend and a warming trend probably for beautiful weekend and a warming trend probably for t[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight.
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subway. eat fresh.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> an announcement is expected from the u.s. department of education that
5:39 am
two more states have won their bid to be relieved of the no child left behind law requirement. washington and other states have earned waivers from the law they're considered a temporary measure wolpe--while they attempt to rewrite the law. now marijuana has been approved for medical use in idaho this has made it difficult for state police who want to stop ipod from entering their stay. idaho state police said that 40 percent of pot seizures in idaho came from war again medical marijuana. >> to southern california as the pacific mentor's
5:40 am
yacht club at the marina del rey. fishermen are not thinking about the one that got away, check this out fish truck when more than 750 lbs. it was caught about 50 mi. off the coast. the fish was so large it was too heavy for the scale it took six men to lift the prize catch from the water. coming up on the kron4 morning news we have news coming out of gilroy where a set of a police officer's son had been shot. we will tell you exactly why he was shot in the investigation on that. first we have it live look outside edge conceded to the golden gate bridge. the sun is almost here and the case is still with us. traffic is delighted this hour we're following several developing story including a situation of lme where six teenagers crashed into a tree. we will give you a live update in just a few minutes.
5:41 am
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♪ >> here is a quick look at the top stories we're following at this hour, during police are investigating the shooting death of a three year-old son of a san jose police officer that happened yesterday at the family's home. police say it looks like the child was shot with a handgun possibly by accident. and if you are was will learn about the death of a document was killed yesterday after being thrown from his horse at the alameda county fairgrounds. the 33 year-old phil--fell from his thoroughbred, his throw bread or a another horse are believed to have stepped on his head causing severe trauma. >> now the economy is still struggling, the unemployment rate change to 8.2% and
5:45 am
stock futures are down. a family is accused of running an unlicensed care facility and severely abusing mentally disabled adults. here are the picture of some of the suspect. they said the group to can one dozen mentally disabled people and then neglected them. they said the residents were malnourished, beaten and only bade possibly once per month before their doctor visits. they say the residence of social security checks were taken from them. dozens of abused dogs were found on the property the five people arrested are set to be arraigned next week if convicted they could face up to 18 years in prison. the san francisco fared a permit said that an arson earlier this week caused $1 million in damage. the fire broke out tuesday this is cellphone video of the flames and a silver terrace neighborhood. it spread to multiple homes, knocked down power lines and left 10 people homeless, two people were arrested and charged with arson. investigators
5:46 am
say they want to learn more about the crucial seconds before a yacht capsized off long island. three children were killed 24 others were rescued. some of the possible contributors to the for the july accident include the weather, overcrowding and a week from another vessel. the skipper says that he saw two lightning bolts and then the wave suddenly hit. >> we will change things up a little bit we want to start off with george and then go to erica how are the roads looking? >> george: to tell you the truth we are tracking a house by united very bad one. this incident that we first reported on the interchange was initially reported clear but it is still in the left-hand lane. even with the early hour it started to back up traffic coming from ocean avenue in san jose. it is about moderate you will find the slow traffic leading up to the 280 interchange. i did
5:47 am
nothing this is something they need to worry about taking an alternate route. when i spoke with the chp a few minutes ago there were confident that this accident would like to be cleared fairly quickly. there is a little slowing on 101 north bound approaching the 280 entertained. that may be because of some of the red lights flashing at this incident are visible from 101 although the accident was reported coming from and the stately zero but it appears to be affecting traffic from both freeways. the rest of the bay area, you looks pretty good as the give you a bridge check. he conceded the bay bridge writers problem free there is still light traffic and we are about half an hour from the usual activation time of the metering lights. yes benicia bridge ride is problem free with light traffic in both directions. your golden gate bridge ride is without delays with you are going southbound on north bound. now a time for a look at the weather. >> erica: good morning george and happy friday. now
5:48 am
ticket live the cost of canada. you can see a lot of cloud coverage in the distance. as we look ahead of all the cloud coverage can see sunny skies up ahead. that will continue to be the case as we head into the next couple of hours. we will have plenty of sunshine bay area wide. as of right now your temperatures right outside the door are sitting comfortably in the fifties. it looks like we could have a couple of degrees warmer compared to yesterday as we head into the evening at alice we have made it clear and how conditions throughout the bay area. here is a look of the numbers for you, we have dropped a couple degrees unsettled and now sitting at the mid-40s there, 54 waking up in napa because we do have too much cloud coverage for the inland communities will be a little bit cooler this morning with 54 on tap for fairfield in concord, 50 for those waking up and
5:49 am
pleasanton. as we take those into the afternoon our future forecast has a store to tell. by lunchtime all of that green on your screen shows all the communities along with the war will be in the '60s. '70s for everyone else can it as a pushing closer to your afternoon high temperatures we will squeeze out some 80's. we have a few 80's in for the south bay. we do have some '70s. upper '70's for santa clara, up 76 for those in our view and we could squeeze out the mid to upper 80s for places like antioch, up in fairfield, and plenty of sunshine over in walnut creek. it looks like 71 will be the common member for berkeley and oakland. we have plenty of sunshine and comfortable conditions. we have mid-70s through our spots here. and downtown san francisco is very similar to what we enjoy it yesterday we're
5:50 am
talking 66 degree weather. now, your kron4 seven day around the bay extended forecast shows some potential for an extended forecast working tomorrow morning and into the afternoon we are talking low 90s for your warmest in many areas. we have posted conditions expected their mid-70s around the bay and upper 60 for the coast. we have partly cloudy skies into the afternoon and looks like we will into a string of sunshine as instructed its work week with temperatures that the reach the mid nineties. >> a man who died while hiking in yosemite has been identified it happened while he was climbing a long-- alone he was reported missing by his family on sunday his body was acquired and return on wednesday. he was a writer for the l.a. times and a free style
5:51 am
seeker. >> 13 dui suspects were arrested starting on tuesday and then ended on wednesday. take a look of the numbers. >> yesterday we told about the major mishap during the fireworks show in san diego. you are looking at three giant fireworks the augustine when the computer malfunction set off all the fireworks for the entire show what the same time. the owner of garden state fireworks apologize to the five wanted thousand people in attendance. >> i wish i could change everything and turned the
5:52 am
time that but i cannot. honestly it is something that is beyond our control. anyone that has ever had any type of computer situation or otherwise, it is not perfect, we have never had this situation before and god willing we will never have anything like this again. but certainly like i said we're not making any excuses. we did everything we could possibly done. >> the fireworks show should of last 20 minutes but it went on for all 15 seconds. at least they will not forget this fireworks show for the rest of their lives. they have offered to redo the show. coming up to have the latest coming out of alameda and the situation at the alameda county fair grounds where a jockey was unfortunately killed yesterday on the last ride of the evening. coming up, we will colossi for now and show it live looked a pitiful start to the morning. it is a the one
5:53 am
today could be really hot if you aren't living inland. we will be right back.
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